Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion (burglar) alarm systems are affordable alarm solutions that reduce risk while protecting your business profits and assets. For over a decade, the local alarm company we refer our customers too has been securing Wisconsin and Illinois businesses against break-ins while minimizing false alarms. If you would like to talk with an alarm provider about a burglar alarm system for your business, please complete the privacy assured online form and a licensed alarm specialist will contact you from a local Alarm company that we work with.

Duress Alarm System

Duress alarm systems are effective protection against incidents such as hold ups, disgruntled employees, and terrorism. Duress alarms allow a user to activate a silent alarm which is sent to a central command center (either on premise or at a top level certified central monitoring station). When the signal is received the station provides a prompt emergency response. Your duress alarm system is active every minute of every day. This helps protect lives and properties with a very inexpensive addition to most intrusion (burglar) alarm systems. Duress alarm system notification devices can be in fixed locations (such as panic buttons) throughout your facility or can be a wireless device that is kept on the employee.

Electronical Burglar System Components

1. The burglar alarm control panel is the “brain” of the system. It receives information from alarm initiating devices and then reacts to that information in some fashion. Some control panels can handle limited functions while others can handle multiple functions and allow for remote control. Entry level systems may consist of self contained noisemakers while more sophisticated systems may include multiple zones, color coded computer outputs and many other feature sets.

2. Initiating devices are also called alarm sensors. There is a variety of alarm sensors that vary widely in quality and useful product life. The most common devices include perimeter protection devices, 24 hour emergency notification devices and interior space protection devices. There is also a wide variety of outdoor perimeter detection system options available for integration into business burglar alarm systems.

3. Annunciation is the third basic component of a system. Annunciation refers to the process of communicating and taking action regarding signals sent to the alarm control panel by initiating devices of self diagnostic system checks. Most business burglar alarm systems use off site signal monitoring stations, as well as on site notification (most common is a large audible siren).

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring services for Wisconsin and Illinois with fast effective response to emergency situations is provided by a UL listed alarm center operated by the local alarm company we refer clients to. Milwaukee Security Cameras does not provide alarm, emergency condition and process monitoring for businesses and residences in Wisconsin, but we will refer you to the best local alarm company that does. They provide affordable monitoring services that work and can handle low level to high level security monitoring applications using telephone, dedicated circuit, broadband, radio, two way voice and cellular signal transmission technologies. They offer a robust set of system activity reports of value to business operations and critical to the quality of your protection. The reports are generated by there UL certified alarm monitoring center and are available remotely from any web enabled device. They are able to convert virtually all existing alarm systems to the monitoring center.

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