Access Control

Safeguarding valuable company assets

Controlling the access of individuals in and out of various parts of your facility is crucial in protecting employees and sensitive areas but also will benefit your bottom line by safeguarding company assets. Ranging from simple single-door stand alone systems to large networked security access control systems for multiple buildings, Access Control Systems by MSC are custom designed, and installed to fit your unique business needs.


  • - Provide a Safer Working Environment
  • - Restrict Access to Dangerous and Sensitive Areas Based on Predetermined Parameters Such as Employee, Time of Day, Day of Week
  • - Protect Valuable Assets
  • - Key Control-no need to hunt down keys from terminated employees
  • - Expense Reduction-no need to re-lock or re-key buildings or doors
  • - Improve Security-prevent unauthorized entry to any or all areas of your grounds or building
  • - Operational Analysis/historical records-audit trail of entry, exit and more
  • - Integrate with Alarm, Video, and Fire Systems

Types of Access Control Systems

Access Control Your company needs an Access Control system, but what type do you need? How will your employees identify themselves? What actions need to occur during the identification process to unlock doors or gates? How will your system integrate with alarms, videos, and/or fire systems? Understanding these questions and defining the answers are crucial to the overall success of your Access Control System. Take advantage of all the benefits provided by an Access Control System by consulting with Milwaukee Security Cameras to assist your company design, install and service a customized solution based on your business and security needs.

Card Access Readers

are the most popular reader for security access control systems. Common types of card access reader technologies include:
  • - Proximity
  • - Bar Code
  • - Magnetic Stripe
  • - Key Fobs/Auto Tags (outdoor gate applications)
  • - Biometric systems Retinal Scan, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Fingerprint

Smart Card Readers

Multi use cards, carrying large amounts of information such as spending limits as well as providing access to protected doors and gates. Consult with a MSC specialist if your Wisconsin, or Illinois facility is currently using smart card technology. Customers trust Milwaukee Security Cameras to design and install solutions that work. Let us know about your situation during a free onsite consultation. Complete our privacy assured online form and a specialist will contact you.

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